How to Gain the Confidence to Approach and Talk to Girls

by Don the Legend

There has been much talked about on this board about how one can gain confidence to approach girls. One of the most overlooked tools one can use to gain confidence in front of girls is to learn public speaking.

It helps you in more than one way:

  1. You lose the fear of being in front of people - especially girls.
  2. You gain a confidence most people can only imagine.
  3. When you speak in front of people, you gain a respect.

The more powerful you feel about yourself, the more others will also. It's a self-fulfilling prophecy.

It not only helps you as person, but it also helps your career. Most people in their jobs have to give presentations. So you might as well gain the skill early.

Have you ever noticed how some people have the natural skill to speak in front of others and hold their attention without being nervous?

The best examples of these are motivational speakers. You could sit hours in front of them and not notice where the time went. People feel so charged up after hearing them, they can't wait to buy whatever product they are selling.

So if you are shy, introverted and need a boost to gain some confidence, try public speaking. If you are in school, take the class. It counts as a credit. If you are out of school there are many places in your community that offers it at a cost.

One of the best courses is:

If not there, do a net search in your area.

Make sure you put yourself in the position to keep up your skills by speaking in front of others at every opportunity. That way you reinvigorate yourself all over again.

And you never know you might score some numbers after your speech.