How to Pick Up Women On the Street

by BGC

I think you guys might be missing something here regarding approaching women -- something that took me like three months and maybe twenty or thirty approaches to figure out.

This is the dilly willy...

There are pickup environments, and there are non-pickup environments.

If you are in a non-pickup environment, you can't (without creating a lot of tension) just approach a chick and reveal that you want her.

Concretely, what does this mean?

It means you can't (without creating a lot of tension) walk up to a woman in a grocery store and say, "Hi. How're you doing?"

I suspect that people who have been writing about this technique of approaching a woman, i.e., saying "Hi. How're you doing?" -- I suspect these people have never done this, they've never field-tested it, instead they're just throwing stuff out about what MIGHT work.

I have been doing non-pickup environment approaches.

I can guarantee you that if you said, "Hi. How're you doing" to a woman in the produce section of the grocery store, she'll most likely give you a creeped-out look and get away from you as fast as possible.


Understand this.

Saying "Hi. How're you doing" would be a perfectly sensible thing to do at a bar, or a club, or a party.

Does this make sense?

If not, you've really got pay this stuff some thought...

A Non-Pickup Environment Is Totally Different Than a Pickup Environment

The expectations and conventions are totally different.

Women enter into a pickup environment recognizing (even desiring) that men will try to pick them up. But they don't recognize this in a non-pickup environment.

That's not to say that you can't pick a woman up in a non-pickup environment, e.g. a grocery store, a library, a clothing shop, an apartment complex.

What it is to say, however, is that you must must must initially conceal your interest in them and...

Use a Pretext to Talk to Them

In the grocery store, I approach every bangable woman at every reasonable chance (that's one of my 'mantras', if you will).

How do I do this?

I casually get myself close to them and then I make a neutral and very casual observation.

In fact, I make an observation that's so casual it's not even a full sentence. It's just a clause.

For instance, my favorite clause to utter now is, "Too much to choose from."

Do you see what's going on?

It's perfect because it's a neutral and casual and non-threatening convo lead-in.

And -- this is very important -- it allows you to gauge their interest.

You don't even LOOK at the woman while you're saying it. You just casually glance at her when she glances at you.

Then what will happen is she will see you, and IF SHE IS INTERESTED, she will further the conversation.

If she is not interested, she will maybe agree with what you said, then say nothing more.

If she says nothing more, she's probably not interested. If she leaves, she's definitely not interested. She's telling you that she's married, or she has a boyfriend, or she's late for something, or she's a lesbian, or she has herpes and wouldn't want to give them to you, or she's not into your looks, or a million other things.

Now if she doesn't say anything, but she moves closer to you, and glances at you, possibly she's interested and she's playing hard to get or she's interested and she's shy.

Wait maybe five more seconds, and if she's still around, say something more. Comment on the food you're looking at.

But if she doesn't pick up on this second lead-in, forget her.

This kind of casual approach works well in non-pickup environments.

Obviously there will be a thousand and one good and effective lead-ins, but they will all have one thing in common if you're in a non-pickup environment...

you're using a pretext to start a conversation and you're concealing your interest in her.