Why "Picking on Girls" Is a Good Thing and What Happens If You Don't

by The Writer

It's key for every guy to go through a "picking on the girls 'cause they've got cooties" phase.

Remember when you were a kid, and the girls used to chase you, and get in fights with you? That kind of behavior is what gets boys used to being around girls, and vice versa.

Then puberty hits, and the girls and boys get shy around each other all of a sudden. It's the "what the hell is this thing between my legs doing?" syndrome.

Around this time, girls get taught that they're supposed to be passive, not aggressive. This is reinforced by the newfound biological imperative that tells them to wait for the best guy they can find before spreading their legs, so that they don't get stuck with a kid by the first loser that catches their eye.

Guys get shy too. However, if nothing messes with the guy's mind right about now, he probably grows up to be a guy who's cool with the chicks and gets laid often enough to be satisfied. Every now and then some guy happens to start the game very early, gets better and better, and by High School is a "natural" Don Juan.

So that's why some guys act like jerks and get laid. Most of them just never stopped treating the girls like 8-year olds.

The guys grew up, but their mental perceptions of girls didn't. And girls, for whatever reasons, are turned on by guys who treat them this way.

That's the truth.

Unfortunately, not all guys start flirting and macking in elementary school. Some never have the opportunity. They get moved around too much, or are overprotected, or for whatever reasons just happen to find Quake III more entertaining than interacting with people. Because of that, lots of guys reach 16 or 17 or, hell, 20, not having a clue about women.

But now they find themselves obsessed with girls, and they start trying to change their lives around. So what do they do? They go see a movie, or talk to their mom or their sister, or their clueless friends.

Their heads get filled with all kinds of romantic BS that may be worthwhile if true love ever rolls around, but doesn't do jack as far as attracting and seducing women is concerned.

Lots of these guys never improve. Some snap and turn into jerks. Good. Others find helpful websites. Even better.

Even better... but not good enough. Millions of guys out there are still stuck screaming in a prison which they built for themselves on the blueprints of others. These are guys just like you and me, guys who for some twisted reason went from picking on girls for having cooties to worshipping girls for having boobies, all in five or six years.

Yeah, these are the guys who would never get laid in the wild either, and instead would be stuck with the duty of licking the Alpha Baboon's butt until their pathetic stress-induced deaths.

But maybe it's better that way. Not everybody is equal after all. Not everybody should be. More room up on top, room that we need.

It's tight enough up here as it is, but at least the air is fresh, and one can see for miles.

You crawl up the little hill and see the BIG hill you never even dreamed of in front of you. You crawl up the big hill and bump into a mountain, and keep climbing until you fall off the edge of the world.