Why You Should Disagree with Women

by MrSassyPants

I suspect most successful guys use the awesome power that comes from disagreeing with a woman, particularly when first meeting her. I'm not sure that it's ever been discussed on here before, but I think it's important.

Think about what happens if you agree with a woman on some minor point while at an art gallery (a Picasso painting you guys are looking at, for example). You guys agree and now you need to find something else to "talk" about (or try to find something else to agree about).

This results in an awkward exchange that feels like work... "Yeah (brief silence) so what do you do... Oh. What? No I've never been there... (slightly longer silence) yeah, I've always wanted to go..."

My point is, it feels like work to you and to the girl like you are trying to "pick her up" and you get grouped with a thousand guys that have done the same thing, the same way.

Contrast this to what happens if you disagree...

Instantly, you don't seem like you are trying desperately to pick her up. You seem much more confident (most guys will just agree with everything she says). It also opens up the conversation much more, you won't have to struggle to find something to say... you guys have plenty to talk about.

The conversations are definitely going to be much better. Instead of saying, "No... but I've always wanted to go!" You can gently tease her, "I can make a painting with three breasts, but it doesn't make me a genius... it's not like they're even together... one's going here... another over there" so on and so on and so on...

Make it seem sincere, but honest and sweet and you'll impress her with how assertive, not necessarily aggressive, you are. Just disagree without being disagreeable.

Ultimately, I suspect that this is the difference between typical "Nice Guys" that don't get anywhere and true "Don Juans".

"Nice guys" are afraid of women and live in fear of offending them.

Jerks are usually also afraid of women, and offending them is a defense mechanism against their getting rejected.

Don Juans aren't afraid of women and don't fear offending them, but they just don't care enough to try to offend them, because there's always a cute girl somewhere that just desperately needs their valuable attention.

And the fact that one girl out of billions isn't currently interested simply isn't that important.