How to Pick Up Girls at the Club

by Deagleclaw

Although women say they go to bars to dance, we all know that's bull. Women go to bars to have their egos stroked, get free drinks, have fun, and meet lots of guys they can talk about for hours with all their friends.

So the main thing is in your approach you want to convey 2 things from your appearance.

  1. You're not just some guy — you're somebody important, cool, and confident.
  2. You don't have an agenda, you just would like to meet her.

Okay, your approach must be direct but casual as well. No opening cheese line.

Simply walk up and say...

"Hi, my name's _____, I haven't seen you here before." If she's receptive to your advance she'll tell you her name.

This opening sets you up for a lead into a casual conversation about where she likes to go out, what she likes to do. Keep the conversation focused on what she likes. Mirror her actions and words. Stay for about 5 or 6 minutes.

Then when a pause in conversation arises, <don't let the pause last for more than 5 seconds> say...

"You know I'd really like to stay and chat with you for a bit, but I'm afraid I have to disappear for a while. Maybe I'll run into you later for a dance. It was a pleasure meeting you <name>." Remember her name for later.

Now go find some random girls to dance with for a bit. Don't TRY to be noticed by the girl you were talking to, but don't hide either. If it comes up later, say that you had to get up because you just remembered you had promised a dance to someone. Come back a little later and talk some more and get her phone number.

If she didn't give you her name right off the bat it means she is not interested... at the moment, and that you either need to work some more or piss off. To reverse her position, she needs a neg hit.

Simply say that you came over to find out a bit about one of her friends that she's with. Pick one less attractive than her. Ask a few questions about her under the guise of trying to determine whether her friend has the credentials you're looking for.

If she asks why you don't just go talk to her yourself, say that you find friends are more honest in these sort of surroundings and you'd rather not waste your time.

The effrontery of it all!

The woman you're really interested in will be FUMING that you're not interested in her and will try to get you to cave in and tell her she's more attractive than her friend.

As you elicit more info about her friend, feign a little disinterest in certain points about her friend. "She likes Babylon 5???" or something of the like. Whether you like it or not, you are trying to convey that you probably wouldn't connect with her friend without actually saying it.

The woman you're interested in will jump on your bandwagon and try to make herself look like a better catch and concur with you on these, which is when you say...

"Yeah, thanks for givin' me the low down. I'm not so interested as I was... You know, at first when I approached you I thought you were pretty stand-offish. You shouldn't grimace when people introduce themselves to you. I think WE could have hit it off quite nicely, except for that. Enjoy your night."

Don't ask for her number. She'll find the opportunity to bump into you later after she works out in her head what a mistake she just made letting you out of her sight.

Women have the amazing ability to escalate a minor little annoyance to DEFCON 4. She will make it a priority that night to find you and get you to ask for her phone number.