15 Keys to Becoming a Don Juan with the Ladies

by Take No Dirt

The consummate Don Juan is a man who strives to be the best he possibly can. That means he doesn't become complacent and take things for granted. It means that he:

  • ensures that his physical appearance is top notch being attentive to details such as stylish haircut and shampooing, daily shower body washes, white teeth and fresh smelling breath, expensive cologne, matching attire, stylish eyeglasses or contacts, facial hair neatly trimmed, losing some excess weight, etc.
  • starts off each day on a positive note.
  • smiles often with a twinkle in his eyes.
  • treats all women with respect.
  • makes sure to talk to several women each day and get their digits.
  • continues to date multiple women and guards his heart with each one of them.
  • does not swear in a lady's presence and shows gentlemanly manners.
  • takes his women on action dates to stir up their bodily functions and emotions. He goes for variety when it comes to dating.
  • doesn't spend too much with any particular woman. He doesn't smother his women.
  • maintains an air of mystery about him by revealing little of himself.
  • remains being a challenge by appearing to be an elusive butterfly resisting to be snagged and caged.
  • continuously upgrades his knowledge on a variety of subjects and current events.
  • immerses himself in hobbies and activities that he enjoys. He hangs out with his male buddies.
  • gives his women terrific sex including plenty of role playing and fantasy foreplay.
  • establishes set goals for his career, finances, and long-term relationship.

In conclusion, the DJ is always doing some tweaking to improve himself. He's not content to rest on his laurels. He's the best dude for women and he wants to stay that way.