Attracting and Intriguing Women With a Little Bit of Magic

by Galactus

A few years ago I was watching TV and I saw David Copperfield out in the audience, doing some silly little trick. He was making some origami swan float in midair between his fingers, or something like that.

The trick didn't really impress me much, but the thing that stood out in my mind was the reaction of the chick he was doing it for. She was practically wetting her pants in amazement. I thought, "Damn, Copperfield must get more than he knows what to do with."

Not long after that I saw David Blaine on TV doing his street act. His act is different than Copperfield's, but the effect is the same: people are blown away. And I thought, "Damn, Blaine must get more than he knows what to do with."

This guy came into a place I used to work and did a goofy little coin trick. He's a dork, and probably doesn't do too well with the ladies, but I watched the reactions of the girls. For a minute, this chump was more interesting than any other guy in the place.

I went and got a couple books from the library, and learned a few card tricks. My problem was that I didn't invest enough time in learning the stuff, and perfecting it. Your basic tricks have limited appeal. And I was attempting this with an AFC (Average Frustrated Chump) frame of mind.

To really be amazing, you have to spend some time getting the movements down smoothly, and doing something more advanced than "Pick a card, any card." Still, I did notice that I became slightly more interesting for about thirty-eight seconds. Everybody likes to think they can figure out a trick, and when they can't, they gotta give you your props.

I'm not really trying to say everyone should go out and become a magician, what I'm saying is that with women, it really helps to be impressive. It's not rocket science. Do you want to hang out with someone who just acts like everyone else? Someone who practically blends in with the wallpaper?

No, you like people who have something unique to offer, someone who surprises you every once in a while.

Women crave excitement. The real magic is in the effect you produce just by doing something out of the ordinary. It usually doesn't have to be much.

Do you know any little tricks? Can you juggle? Wiggle your ears? Tie a cherry stem into a knot using your tongue? David Blaine does this thing where he puts his hand on the ground and slowly twists it more than 360 degrees. It looks impressive, but right after I saw him do it, I did it myself.

I'm not saying anything new here. We all know we have to stand out in the crowd if we want the babes drooling over us. Just take some time to think about what you can already do, and then think about what you can easily learn that would be impressive.

And never tell your secrets! I knew this chick who honestly believed Copperfield was a warlock. No, he's just a guy who knows how to manipulate people so they see what he wants them to see. But once you know how he does it, he's not so impressive.

So don't ever give anything away, and never let them know about all the practice you put into it. Let them think you're frickin' Merlin.