How to Get a Girl's Phone Number

by Shadow Dancer

Here's what I do and say to a girl when I want to get her number. It works like magic, yet it's not magic.

If I see a girl I like, whether or not she seems interested in me, I'll walk right up to her. And it goes like this...


"Excuse me."

(With eye contact and genuine smile.)

"Hi, my name is Sol (my name)."

(I extend my hand to shake hers. We shake hands and she'll usually say hi and tell me her name. If not I'll just say, "And your name is..." And then she'll always fill in the blank with her name.)

"The reason I came over here is because I find you very attractive..."


"Oh..ah..thank you! (She's blushing as she's thanking me.)


"...And if you're not already seeing someone, I'd love to take you out sometime to get to know you better."


", I'd like that. (Right here they are usually a bit flustered. Even the really hot girls tend to get a bit clumsy at this point, haha.)


"To do that I'll need your number to call you and set things up."


"Ok!" (Gets out a pen and writes her number down. If she doesn't have a pen handy I'll offer mine but only after letting her search for one.)


"I was nice meeting you "xxxx". I'll give you a call and let you know what the plans are."


"It was nice meeting you too, Sol. Bye!".

BAM, it's that simple.

Go up to her and do it. Remember to smile and keep a cool demeanor.

If you let out a slight little laugh to let off the nervousness you may be feeling, it's all good. She may even find that cute and take it as a sign that you don't do this to every girl you see. Therefore you're not a player and she feels special.

Don't worry about messing up.

Who cares if you're nervous or scared. It's ok to be nervous and scared cause what counts is not whether you're scared, it's whether you do it. Be nervous and scared while you're talking to her. Be scared outta your mind if you really want to.

Just do it.