Let Women Catch You Checking Them Out

by Deep Dish

Let women catch you checking them out.

A few days ago I was caught checking out a real hottie, caught for the first time in a whole number of years, and I was surprised by her reaction.

She smiled and suggestively raised both her eyebrows as if to say "Hey hey hey". And I, rather than looking away, as I would have years ago, wasn't afraid to hold my ground showing my desires. I held my gaze extra long. She never stopped gazing until I stopped.

Get caught, keep on looking.

Women eat this stuff up. They love it. And so should you, because it feels really good.

After the event passed, I said to myself "I'm never again going to be afraid to be caught checking a woman out." In fact, ever since, I have made it an effort to check out every woman I find hot and by chance get caught, and to keep on looking.

It's fun. It's exciting. There's absolutely nothing to fear.

The worst reaction I've gotten is non-reaction. I've even caught women checking me out, so it's a matter of both of us catching the other, which is excellent.

Be a man, don't be afraid to express your sexuality and your desires.