Indirect Competition For Girls and How to Win

by Trickynick

There is always competition for girls, whether it be direct or indirect.

Direct competition is a situation where two guys are competing for the same girl. This is common. But just as common but not often discussed is indirect competition.

Indirect competition is when one guy pursuing a woman is being consciously or subconsciously compared to a guy another woman is either dating or being pursued by. This phenomenon stems from the fact that women are generally competitive with each other with regards to the attention that they get from men and what men they are involved with.

In both direct and indirect competition, you don't always know who exactly you're competing with. But it's sometimes useful to know so that you can use this information to your advantage.

Here is a recent example of how I competed indirectly with another guy and won:

After having met and spent some time with a girl I met recently (who I knew had high interest), I went out on a "double date" with her (Andrea) and her friend (Tracy) and a guy who her friend started seeing a couple weeks ago (Corey).

I normally don't do these kinds of things mostly because it's the girl's idea, of course, and there are a lot of opportunities for things not to go well. I decided this time it was an acceptable risk because of how high I knew Andrea's interest level to be.

Tracy is less attractive than Andrea, so I knew that Andrea was probably used to being the one who was usually able to attract the "more desirable man." Of course, it was up to me to prove that I was that man in this case.

Where we ended up going was a karaoke bar with a working class atmosphere to it. I was dressed all up in Abercrombie clothes, looking very preppy and somewhat out of place in this bar.

Corey started talking a big game about what songs he was going to sing, which were mostly country songs. I knew that if he sang and I didn't, I would look like a wimp. I began to worry that it wasn't a good idea to go with them on this "date", but I figured out a way to make the best of it.

I knew I couldn't sing country because people would take great offense to a preppy-looking guy who couldn't sing bastardizing some Garth Brooks song. I finally ended up finding a song in the book for which it wouldn't matter how well I sang, just because of the sheer humor value involved.

I wrote down the song number and turned the card in. I did not tell any of them what song I would sing.

When they called my name, I walked up. Everyone seemed curious as to what an A & F poster boy could possibly be about to sing in this bar.

The song was "I Want It That Way" by The Backstreet Boys. The whole bar was in stitches with laughter as I sang and broke into my imitation of boy band dance moves.

After the song I got a standing ovation from the entire bar and, as I approached our table, Andrea told me, "Nick, you have no idea how much you just impressed me."

By the way, Corey, the bad-ass country boy, decided not to sing after that little performance.