End Frustration with Women By Using the 2 Strike Rule

by Amlothi

In my relatively short time here I've noticed one thing that comes up time and time again on this board - the concept of how many chances you should give a girl before you use her phone number as kindling for your fireplace.

So here you go - Amlothi's Investment Strategy for Women - free of charge to all of you on this awesome site.

We all know that women don't like to say no. This is why we can often get lots of phone numbers face to face, but later on you can't get to that first date plateau. I'm not going to go into the reasons why this happens, suffice to say that it is a rare occasion when you will hear a straightforward "No". My favorite excuse was...

"I'm probably going to be out getting my passport because I'm leaving the country next week. And I have to pack..."

But on to the strategy!

The 2 Strike Rule

I use what I call the 2 Strike Rule. This rule requires that:

  1. The first time you call to ask her on a date she gives you a reasonable excuse. (strike one)
  2. The second time you call (at least a week later) she gives another excuse, and in neither instance does she suggest an alternative time and/or place. (strike 2)
  3. If 1 = true and 2 = true than 3 = NEXT!

There are a couple points I would like to stress on these rules.

  1. If her first excuse was UNreasonable (see my example above) then you NEXT her immediately - she doesn't get a second call.
  2. If on the second call she is very apologetic and cannot suggest a specific time and place because she is really busy but gives a very strong indication that she wants to go out - AND both her excuses are rock solid... wait a week and then repeat step 2. However, a maximum of 3 strikes is allowed.

If you reach the 3 strike mark, no matter what the situation, that slip of paper with her number on it gets turned to ash.

Now, some of you might think that these rules are a bit harsh (maybe some of you will think they are a bit lax?) but here is my justification for these rules, and a basis for everything that follows the first successful date...

An Investment Strategy

In this analogy, I have equated girls with investment funds/stocks/whatever you want to call it. Your time is money. You've heard that phrase before right?

You have all this money that you would like to invest so that you can reap the profits (i.e., whatever you want from girls, be it sex, LTR, whatever). However, if you throw your money away you'll have nothing left to invest with and get no profits.

You have a limited supply of time (money) and it is up to you to choose where to invest it - every investment is a risk. So, if you are a smart investor you don't put everything in one fund!!!! This is key, do not spend all your time and effort going after a single girl. This is infatuation, and if the market crashes, you lose big time.

Each fund individually has a 100-fold higher probability of taking your money than giving you a profit.

How do you counter this seemingly insurmountable probability?

By investing small amounts in a large number of funds! The profitability of each fund individually may be poor, but the chances of scooping a profit on at least one of your funds is much higher!

But you want to come out on top overall right? You can't afford to get a profit from one account and lose all your cash on the other 50, as you still end up in the hole. Never fear... this is why we have the 2 strike rule!

The 2 strike rule is my method for determining when each market is about to fall out from under you before you have invested too much. If you hit 2 strikes, SELL! Toss the number, recover what is left in the fund, save yourself from investing more time and effort into a losing proposition! You have several other accounts that have better odds of reaping a profit, and new ones come along every day!

You must believe that you are valuable, that your time is a commodity. Don't give it away. This goes for any interaction you have after the first date also. (Heck, I use it as a judgment scale with my guy friends too!) If you put your time and effort into helping another person, and the next time you need a favor they shaft you, NEXT them like you would a chick! You are too valuable to let other people leech off you.

If you are in a relationship where she wants to call all the shots, doesn't want to do the things you want to do, and is not giving you your due rewards for your efforts... NEXT.

To all the new DJs, if you've read the bible you should know that you have to be a man and not let other people step on you or give you s**t. Yet, coming from the world of AFCism, we are all tempted to give people another chance, to assume that they mean well, that maybe just maybe she will say yes on the 5th time you call her because she seems so nice to you whenever you talk to her.

Once you give someone one more chance, it's a slippery slope and what's the harm in giving them another? And pretty soon you are finding yourself chasing this girl that never wanted you in the first place but just couldn't say no.

It's handy to have set of concrete rules to follow. 2 strikes, that's it guys. Don't give them any more than that. Remember, if she has a high interest level she will make it easy for you!!!!