Never Date These Girls

by Cyclonus

I just ran into one of my ex's today and she had this "Life sucks, I want to die before I'm 26" attitude.

She had her fair share of baggage: screwed up family, abusive ex-boyfriend, druggie, suicide attempts. You couldn't tell at all by looking at her though -- she was a hottie and appeared very outgoing and happy.

But inside, she was dark and desolate, damaged goods they say.

Luckily, I bailed out of that relationship as soon as she unleashed her history and inner misery towards me. It was difficult for me too at the time because I actually liked the chick and when I tried to break up with her, she played the suicide card on me. Luckily she didn't; she was hospitalized though.

So you'll come upon a ton of chicks in your lifetime and some of them you may even get attached to. Sometimes they'll be like blooming flowers on the outside, but inside they're a wreck.

What's worse is sometimes you'll find this out later down the line like me. And they could play the guilt card on you just like she did to me.

But no matter what, put yourself above all else and don't drag yourself down to save a girl from herself.

I know most of you are thinking this is common sense really, but I just wanted to point out this simple thing and keep it succinct. Relationships are supposed to make your life better, the icing on the cake so to speak. They aren't supposed to make your life more stressful and drag you down.

Things to look for in a chick to separate from psychos:

  • she respects herself
  • she takes care of herself
  • she has good relationships with other people
  • she has a positive outlook on life
  • she is open-minded
  • she is not too clingy or emotional
  • she is able to communicate well

That's all I can think of at the moment.

Remember, being a Don Juan at the core is not about women at all, it's about YOU and respecting YOURSELF. Don't let anything get in your way.