How to Control Your Fear and Approach the Beautiful Women You Want

by Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

Having a problem with fear?

Find yourself making excuses to not walk up and talk to women?

Break out into a sweat when a woman walks up and starts talking to you?

Here is something that just might help.

When fear takes you over and you don't decide to ask a girl for her number, you know what is happening? Your fear is controlling you.

Your fear makes the decision not to talk to the girl. Your fear scrambles your brain when you try and talk to a woman. You have lost control and your fear is running your life. You need to learn how to turn that around and take control of your fear instead.

Ancient cultures like the Chinese rationalized this sort of thing in the form of demons. There were rage demons, lust demons, fear demons, and numerous others which sought to possess you and control you. Many people believed these demons to be real, but really they are icons for emotions, created as a way of trying to explain the way we behave.

A side benefit came from this though. By personifying some of your emotions as demons, you give them a physical form. And by giving them a physical form you can suddenly disassociate yourself from them.

So today I want to see if I can disassociate you from your fear.

If this works then you should be able to better control your fear rather than have it controlling you. To do this we need to give our fear a physical form. Not a demon form though, that's unnecessary and not appropriate here. Let's leave that to ancient eastern mythology. No, I want you to see fear as a woman.

Like a woman, your fear is emotional and irrational and wanting of attention. And like a woman, your fear gets jealous when you look or think about other women.

Rather than feeling fear take you over, see it as a woman whispering in your ear trying to keep you to herself.

Now you should know, I hope, that you should never let a woman control you. You are certainly not going to let some bimbo emotion do it, are you? Let's see what can be done to regain control of this annoying bitch.

Imagine your fear as a fat, pimply-faced, ugly, teen school girl with thick glasses. She has a crush on you and does not want you getting together with any other woman, especially the hot ones. She does not want you to talk to the girls that you want to go out with because she is jealous of them. She plays on your insecurities every time you think of talking to another girl. Give her a name, call her Charlene.

Next time you see a girl, guess what is going to happen? Your fear is going to start to surface.

As soon as this happens, I want you to imagine your fear forming as Charlene, standing next to you, giving you an ugly look with that ugly pimpled face. She is going to whisper into your ear telling you that you will surely fail and feel embarrassed if you try and approach the girl.

But now your fear is no longer within you. It is standing next to you in the form of Charlene. Your fear is outside of you as Charlene, who you are going to ignore her, even laugh at her, because a Don Juan must never let a woman control him -- and you are a Don Juan.

Now walk up to that woman over there and say "Hi." And as you do imagine giving Charlene a kick in the guts as you leave her behind. Imagine Charlene poking her tongue out at you from across the room as you start talking to the woman. What a silly little girl is Charlene.

You may fear fear, but you will never fear some fat, ugly chick named Charlene.

Give it a try -- you have nothing to lose.