Kissing Tips for Seducing Women

by Terminator911

Begin with an Eskimo kiss:

Make full body contact. Rub the side of your lover's nose against your nose using small circles. Sound childish? The nose is lined with tissue very similar to the erectile tissue in sexual organs.

Touch your lover's face:

Don't feel her face like you're blind. Rather gently place your fingertips on her chin or behind one ear. Don't pull her towards you. Lean towards her until your lips meet.

Lock lips:

Don't try to impress her with your cultural understanding of the French by sticking your tongue in her mouth. Part your lips, and press your lips against her lips.

Get tongue-tied:

Circle the tip of her tongue with yours. Kissing is a two way street. Let her tongue into your mouth as well.

Don't swap too much spit:

Consider the game over if she has to wipe her chin. Salivate over steak, not a woman.

A kiss isn't just a kiss. Your kissing technique determines where else the night will lead.