How to Get a Girl's Phone Number In 10 Seconds

by Player of the Year

Who says you have to spend at least a few minutes talking to her when approaching in an awkward, non-pickup environment?

I can get the phone number in less than 10 seconds flat in these types of pick-up situations. All you have to do is go through a quick and simple intro and number close. It's that easy.

It not only saves you a lot of time and effort but it also allows for your confident player style to develop and shine right through.

So what exactly do you say?

Well that varies from situation to situation but it's basically all the same. It's essential that you first get some eye contact and a smile and/or wave in order to pull off the "player approach."

The simple 1-2-3...

1. I'll usually start out by saying, "Hey, what's your name?" or "Hi/Hey" (wait for her to say the same, then ask what her name is).

2. If she asks what my name is then I tell her, but if not, then I just go on to step 3. She'll definitely ask you what your name is when she's giving you her phone number.

3. Then I number close by saying something like "Hey, let me get your number so I can call you sometime."

The key is to sound like you're in a rush so that she gives out her phone number without hesitating.

Note that you'll still have to work your game when you call her to get her to go out with you or agree to a booty call.

Those are the basic player principles.

Remember that the "player approach" is intended to be used during untimely situations such as when you're at a store, you're walking by her, or it just happens to be some random chance encounter anywhere.

You may come across some difficulties, especially during your initial attempts, but you'll be able to handle them once you've mastered the "player approach."