When She Tells You She Doesn't Play Games

by Gipper

After reading some posts lately, I felt compelled to present this tip to help some of the more confused visitors with a little reality check.

Occasionally, you may read the post of a chick who hangs around here saying she is "different" and "doesn't play games". If you read this enough times, you begin to think, "Hey, maybe the girl I'm dating is like that. I'll bet I can open up to her and tell her all about myself. I'll bet she'll understand."

Bad move, my amigos.

I'll sum it up this way: Never assume your chick is different. Never assume that you can deviate from the plan. Never assume she's going to "get it".

I'll give you an example...

When I was living near Knoxville, TN, the cops there ran an elaborate ruse to trap speeders. They would park a cop car at a place where people traditionally speed through. Next, they would place a mannequin in the driver's seat. Naturally, drivers rounding the corner would see a figure in the cop car and slow down. This would go on for a long time until people began to catch on that it was only a mannequin in the car, and they were in no danger of being busted. They assumed it was a mannequin. And continued to speed.

Of course, the cops pulled the old switcheroo. After a while, they put a real cop in the car, as well as parking a pursuit vehicle a half mile down the road. They cleaned up.

Don't be the driver who assumed it was a mannequin and got busted. Always work off the premise that the chick you're dating is just like all the rest. Odds are, she is.

The DJ principles work. Use them with absolute confidence. Over time, you may find the chick has a little more potential to relax the rules, but make her prove it.

When dealing with chicks, they can say they are not like the rest, or post here and list the reasons why the DJ rules won't work on them, but take it with a grain of salt.