How to Have a Great Time... and Attract Women Like Crazy!

by Mr. Mystery & Disciple

When I first came to I told myself that the most important thing in all this women chasing was to have fun. I promised myself that I would ditch a chick no matter how hot she was if I wasn't having fun chilling with her.

Lately, I think I've been putting way too much pressure on myself to get women and close all the time. After my discussion with lefty tonight, I realized that I stopped having fun.

I can think back to successes when I first started here, and I credit it to the basics of course, but also a lot of it had to do with just making sure that I was having a good time.

Happiness is extremely contagious. If you're having a good time, not only does that display tons of confidence, but the girl is bound to have a good time also.

And damn it, having a good time is a lot more fun than sitting there worrying about whether or not she likes you, or if you're saying or doing the right thing.

I've recently started hitting up the bar scene. I have caught what I like to call, bar-shyness. I go into a bar and just walk around, not talking to anyone. I have recently gone into a lot of thought on why I act like this, because I have no problem approaching in malls or on the street in general.

Then it hit me, I'm focusing too much on the pickup. I should be focusing on myself and having fun. This isn't a job, and it's not that important.

I still haven't had a good bar performance, but now that I know the root of my problem, I know that my next trip is gonna be tons of fun!

Fellas, this is just a reminder, that we are doing this for fun. Not only is it more fun to have, well, fun! But it is one of our greatest weapons in our battle to win hearts.

Cheers men!

Have fun!

Mr. Mystery


Fun is the way to go.

I discovered this once several years back when I was in a club.

Before that night, I used to go to clubs trying to look cool or sexy and trying to get girls to notice me.

Needless to say, I wasn't happy and usually spent the night with a beer in my hand leaning on a wall with about 50 other equally "cool" guys who probably had the same mindset as me.

Well, this particular night I decided that I was just going to have fun with my friends, dance, and just have a good time even if I didn't dance with a single chick.

Well I had these glow in the dark sticks and I was dancing with them and doing tricks and stuff.

Just having fun.

Next thing I know, not one but two cute little Spanish girls started dancing with me.

One of them literally jumped on me and I had to catch her and I was dancing with her clinging to me and I held her up by her butt cheeks.

Needless to say, that was a fun night.

But more importantly, I learned a valuable lesson.

I think that that fun attitude or vibe is infectious and women are attracted to men who are fun, exciting, unpredictable, and are uninhibited.

This kind of attitude and behavior draws women to you like a magnet.

Having a serious, trying to be cool, tough, or sexy kind of attitude actually repels chicks from you.

Also, that fun attitude makes it much easier to approach, because your mind is focused on having fun. So if you get rejected or turned down, you just keep on moving.