28 Stupid Dating Mistakes Men Make With Women

Warning - Don't Be Like Me!

by Preachaman

I posted an article last week about getting back with my ex, and everyone's resounding answer was FORGET HER!

Well guys, she's forgotten. It just goes to prove how stupid you can get when you fall for a girl. All of you younger guys really could learn from this.

Here's the story of how to make a cheap girl glitter like gold, how to break your own heart, and how to lose everything that matters to you. Take notes, guys, don't screw up like I did.

It was August of 1999 and I had just got back from being a counselor at a Youth Leadership camp. I was working at a gas station at the time and a friend of mine and his girlfriend walked in. They had with them another girl.

There was nothing spectacular about her looks, and she was considerably sunburned. A 7 at best. She was very quiet and shy. I joke with my friend as they ordered a cold cut sandwich. (We have a deli.) Apparently she was attracted to my wit, because she left her number for me on a napkin.

A week later I called her, and she suggested that we go to the movies with the couple she came in with. We had a VERY long conversation and appeared to really hit it off. Everything was great up until this point.

Then I got stupid.

A week later we went on the date. The movie was good, and I discovered that she had a great sense of humor. We talked and laughed and had a good time. Then we got back to her friend's house.

Here is where I become a world class idiot. Pay attention and don't do what I did!

I was totally amazed by her. I thought she had everything that I wanted. I was BLINDED! I stood there and told her for like two hours how wonderful she was. And since she had never had anyone tell her that, she just ate it up.

Flattery was getting me EVERYWHERE. She was wrapped around my finger. But I was stupid enough to wrap my own self around something that didn't exist.

One date and I thought I was in love.

That is stupidity.

But it gets worse. Take notes, young guys, this is your life.

I called her the next day, still fawning over this Goddess I hade made out of an average girl. She was nothing too special, but I put her on a pedestal anyway. (mistake #5) I even wrote a couple poems about her. (mistake #6) I acted like a puppy on a string, AFTER ONLY ONE DATE! (mistake #7)

Do you get the picture?

Just because I had never gotten any female attention before, I was falling for the first girl that gave me the time of day. DON'T BE THIS STUPID!

Guys, this is the easiest thing to do. You want to treat her like a princess because she makes you feel so good. You would do anything she says. MISTAKE! "But I love her!!," You say. You're not in love, you're infatuated with the idea of being in love.

Oh wait, it gets worse.

I started planning a second date. Wanted everything to be perfect for this girl I was in "love" with. Once you start obsessing, you've lost it. (mistake #8)

But she had never had anybody treat her this good, so she was still eating it up. A confident girl would have never agreed to a second date. Take note of that.

I was calling her every day, and without knowing it, I was becoming more of a pest than a date.

So I took her to a park in the mountains where we had a picnic. I read my poetry to her, and told her that I wrote it about her. (mistake #9) She was uncomfortable, but flattered.

The relationship was still salvageable at this point, but I was an idiot in love. When we got back to her house, we stood on the porch and talked until midnight. (mistake #10) Yeah, talking is good, but not when you have no real intimacy with the girl. I was trying to create some kind of false intimacy. (mistake #11)

I had never even held this girl's hand. (mistake #12) Like a little lost puppy, I asked her if we could be "official' boyfriend and girlfriend, to be the one to change my pansy diapers. (mistake #13) She, feeling sorry for me, said yes. HER MISTAKE!

Yes, it even gets worse from here. I am serious. Don't be stupid like me.

So I call her every day, trying to set up a third date. (mistake #14) She blows me off on several occasions, and I act like it is OK. (mistake #15) She starts to avoid me. (Now she's getting smart.)

So I start visiting her at work. (mistake #16) Her old boyfriend is back in the picture. I find out that she was engaged to the guy when she started dating me. She still has feelings for the guy who treated her like dirt and I do nothing about it. (mistake #17)

So I call her more often and she blows me off again and again. Still I act like everything is ok. (mistake #18) We finally get a third date. Yes, only THREE dates in THREE months. And this is the girl I supposedly "love."

So after about a month of almost becoming a stalker, I had finally had enough.

So I do the only smart thing I did in this relationship. I told her I was meeting her at work and that we WERE going to talk about things.

She had blown off a date with me so she could work. A week earlier I had prepared a candlelight dinner for her, and I wasn't smart enough to take her hint when she blew that off, so I made it a candlelight LUNCH. (mistake #19) So I cried for like two hours and basically broke my hand from punching things that day. (mistake #20)

So I met her at work and she could instantly tell that I was upset. I told her I was. (This was actually a smart thing.) So we found a place and sat down and I held her tight. I had a lot to say.

I told her that I couldn't handle this playing phone tag all the time and her avoiding me. But I was STILL stupid enough to think I could make it work. (mistake #21) Then I was stupid enough to actually initiate LET'S JUST BE FRIENDS FOR A WHILE! (mistake #22)

World's stupidest mistake!

Are you learning anything?

So when it is all over she is thinking, "Finally, this guy is gone." Even though she still thinks I'm a sweet person, she's glad I'm gone.

And as I watch her walk away I think, "There goes the only girl I ever loved."

And I start to cry. Stupid. (mistake #23)

As if that wasn't enough, I thought I could still fix the relationship. (mistake #24) So I try to call her and I whine to her mom for a while. (mistake #25) I whine to her sisters. (mistake #26) I whine to her friend, (who was actually dumb enough to side with me!) (mistake #27) I finally get a hold of her and I am successful at killing whatever spark might have been there with my pleading. (mistake #28)

Please learn from this.

This girl was no super model. She was a little unstable, with a screwed up family. She was emotionally abused by her father and ex-boyfriend and for a while she was glad to have someone treat her like a princess. The only really pretty thing about her was her eyes and her nice round butt. Like I said, a seven at best. I wasn't even attracted to her at first.

But here I was, drooling over her at every chance I got. Now she's dating a guy that treats her like dirt, and this 'sweet' girl, who I thought was a good Christian and who had vowed never to have sex before marriage, is screwing this guy.

Just goes to show you what can happen if you don't even really know the girl you are in "love" with.

Young guys (and older guys too!), don't be this stupid. No woman is worth it. Only now can I see that she isn't even a person I want to be friends with. Don't be blinded by infatuation.

Can you see all of the stupid mistakes I made? How many of these mistakes are you making?

Please don't make the same stupid mistakes I did.