Should a Man Take Dating Advice From Women?

by Marlimus

Gentlemen, listen up because this is crucial. Be careful when taking advice from women about other women.

You will hear things like "the best person to ask about advice with women is a woman." This is not true, if only because what a woman says she wants and what she actually responds to are two different things.

First off, forget almost everything your mother might have told you when you were young about being the perfect gentleman.

And I'll tell you why...

Nothing's wrong with being civilized, but mothers try to brainwash you into thinking that every woman ought to be treated like a princess, so that by extension, you'll treat her like one too; it's a way for her to reinforce her authority. Showing up 20 minutes early with flowers on a first date is a no-no.

Secondly, female friends subconsciously put themselves in the girl's shoes when you ask them for advice.

So they will tell you to do certain things not because that is what will get you the girl, but because that is what would make them feel good and boost their egos, if they were the girl in question.

For example, I asked H out on two dates. She came to the first, cancelled the second, said she was really sorry. My lady friend, A, recommended that I call back in 3 days if I don't hear from her, act considerate, and ask her if everything is ok.

Why? Because if she was H, that is what she would want me to do because that would boost her ego.

I ignored her advice, of course, and refused to call H back. She emailed me and said she wanted to know how I was doing, and to please give her a call. Doing the nice guy stuff boosts the girl's ego, but doesn't necessarily get you anywhere, and can be downright detrimental.

The following is another example of flawed female advice...

Now I hate to contradict other players, but there is an article I recently read in which the author says that you pretend to mistake one female for another, find out where she works, and then send flowers to her workplace even though you only met her for a minute.

Gentlemen, from the instant I read it I knew a woman wrote it and I was right. Why? Because it would make her day if something like that happened to her so she could feel like a queen and show off to her friends.

However, doing something like that makes you look like the quintessential needy Mr. Nice Guy, somebody who's "sweet." But doing this kind of thing makes the girl think that you like her unconditionally and that she has power over you since you only met her for a sec but you are already sending her flowers!

Women are not attracted to men who they think they can take for granted, men they can control, or men who are needy.

What women say they want in a man and what they respond to are two different things.

If you take advice from a female, make sure it is someone who not only knows the rules of the game, but will advise in your favor, not to fulfill her own fantasy of being worshipped.

Also, DO NOT TAKE ADVICE from any woman (or man) who says things like "just tell her how you feel." Spilling your gut drops your attractiveness to the point where she might have actually liked you, but blew you off because you were no longer a challenge to her. Confession might be good for the soul, but not for the game.

So remember gentlemen, be careful about taking advice from your female friends, especially if they tell you to do romantic stuff. Very few females are actually going to tell you to change the amounts of attention you give a girl. Very few girls will tell you to not call often. And very few girls will tell you to play the mind games you need to play because they think that they don't want guys having the power...

...even though they are attracted to the men who do have it.