How to Pick Up Waitresses

by Cocktail

I have had many part-time jobs in cafes and restaurants while funding my university experience. This has given me an amazing insight into the mindset of the women who work in these areas.

So let's start...

No matter how good looking you are 95% of the time you will never get approached by a woman who works in one of these places. Believe me, if they are hot, they have been hit on 50 times before you have even walked in. They see good-looking guys all the time, so how you appear is EVERYTHING.

First off, if you are in a restaurant/cafe you need to appear SINGLE -- this is very important. If you are with a group of guy friends, great. If you have some ladies in the group, lose all the kino (touching) and don't appear overly interested in them.

Observe your surroundings. You have spotted a slender tender waitress from heaven; damn she looks sweet in that tight skirt. So how we gonna play this?

Well, is she your waitress? Great, carry on. If she is NOT your waitress I'd say forget it; it'll be tough. You can go for a cold approach at the end of the night although you won't have that BOND which we will create in a second.

If she is your waitress, here's how we will play it...

She will come over for an order. YOU HAVE TO BE THE ALPHA HERE -- YOU DO ALL THE ORDERING OR INTIAL CONTACT. Look for a name badge; you must make sure that you find her name before you start the order. If she doesn't have a badge, ask her name? Simple! Nothing unusual about asking your waitress her name; people just don't do it much.

Order while using her name and compliment the restaurant. If your crowd's rowdy, calm them down and make her feel at ease. Now while ordering she will make eye contact with you. KEEP THE EYE CONTACT A LITTLE BIT MORE THAN YOU WOULD USUALLY and SMILE LOTS. Yes, smile lots.

You have now completed the first stage...

(I used to be a chef and working with waitresses you hear a lot of, "Check out the cute guy on table 3" or "Damn, that bloke on table 21 has such a nice smile.")

So she's gone back with your order. You must appear interested in your friends. The key to this part is DON'T LOOK BORED.

Remember, she will see exactly how you act in this environment. You may be dating her in the future so this is your chance to show her she will have a GOOD TIME.

When she comes back:

  1. compliment the food
  2. joke around with her and
  3. try to make her blush — use vague neg hits, light flirting, and lots of eye contact.

Ok you've eaten, had a good time, and now it's time to go. WAIT! Not yet. You haven't gotten a phone number! THIS IS WHERE WE STRIKE!

Just as your friends are leaving, approach her. You still remember her name, right?

"Hi Mandy. I had a brilliant time tonight. The service was great too." (smile)

"Oh really glad you enjoyed it."

"Well, you made it great."


"I'd love to do it again."

"You should, it's a great place."

"Maybe just you and me."


Basically anything she says other than "I have a boyfriend" or "No, f**k off" means go on to the next question.

"So when's your next night off?" (Use this line exactly!)

"Thursday. I'm not doing much."

"Great! Give me your number and we'll arrange something."

Let her write her number on the back of your bill.

Smile and exit gracefully.


Ring her in a few days. In the phone conversation, recount the restaurant and say how your friends enjoyed it and all that.

Let's review...

You were:

  • Dominant
  • Confident
  • Fun
  • Friendly
  • Respectful
  • Sincere
  • Direct
  • You approached her

And if women were with you, you had social proof.

Pat yourself on the back — you scored in one of the toughest industries.

It still takes balls to do this, but done right, I am confident you will score with the babe.