3 Quick Tips for Big Success with Girls

by Vatican

1) Leave on a High Note

Follow the example of George Costanza (heh) and always leave on a high note, leaving your targets wanting more.

When you leave on a high note people's minds get locked in on that last moment and what went on before becomes virtually irrelevant. That's why in arguments people are so adamant about getting the last word in. The fact is, in human interactions the last word is the only one that counts.

2) Use Humor and Touching

If something's not going your way just put it out in the open, make fun of it, then go into tickling/laughing/joking/poking mode.

This kind of attack scrambles people's brains and totally disarms them.


Girl: I don't know if we should do this...

You (big grin on your face): What movie did you get that from? What, you scared you can't handle me? I know, I know I'm too much man for ya..."

Now, laughing, before she gets a chance to respond, poke her in the ribs and make her laugh along with you. This kind of simultaneous emotional (laughing) + sexual (touching) attack is devastatingly simple and effective.

3) Start Off the Way You Want to End Up

Don't shift gears half-way through talking to a woman and suddenly become some kind of sexual monster when you were androgynous just three seconds ago.

Likewise, don't start sexual, then chicken out. When you start sexual and then stop being sexual it really devastates a woman (she thinks she did something horribly wrong), and it's a big turnoff for them as it is for us as well.

You gotta follow through.

This doesn't mean you should walk up to girls and start talking about sex. But it does mean that you should show your sexual potential from the start, not hide it then spring out with it like a chump would when he gets some stupid notion in his head that the "time is right" (or that she's drunk enough).