How I Have Fun Approaching Girls... and  With a 100% Success Rate

by Scoped

This was something I had fun with the other week when I was quite bored at a local night club... with about a 100% success rate with probably about 20 girls.

I went up to girls singularly and in groups - didn't matter.

I walked up to them with a big smile on my face and asked them sincerely for a favor. When they asked what, I said "I need you to diss me, to reject me, to basically tell me to f**k off."

They were completely caught off guard, and asked me to explain why. I would then go into my story. (I had heaps of fun doing this and I think the girls couldn't tell if I was serious or not as I had this big grin on my face all the time.)

"Well you see it's like this, I am new to this going out and clubbing thing and I want to learn to pick up girls. Now I can't pick any up tonight as I have to work tomorrow, but my friends and I are planning this huge weekend and I want to be prepared. You see if I can get as many girls to reject me tonight when it doesn't matter, when I go out on the weekend if a girl rejects me it won't bother me as I have had all this practice; I'll be able to just move on and find another girl."

I said all this quite lively but not rushed and they always laughed and smiled at most of this. I continued...

"Ok, so this is what I am going to do. I am going to turn around and then turn back and try the worst pick-up line on you that I know. I then need you in your most nastiest face and voice to tell me to f**k off."

The girl agreed. I would then turn my back on the girl/girls, then turn back and say...

"Well, I don't actually have any pickup lines." (lots of laughs here)

"Ok, so what's the worst pickup line you have ever heard?"

They would then give me some bad line.

"Ok, thanks give me a sec."

I would act as if I was psyching up for it. I would turn around and straighten my clothes and pat my hair down, or do stupid things like lick my fingers and flatten down my eyebrows. On every occasion they were almost rolling on the floor laughing so hard. (This got a lot of attention from other girls in the club which I will explain how I used later on.)

I turned around and delivered the line and not one of the girls I approached could keep a straight face, or reject me without laughing.

At this point I pretended to get quite cross at them and tell them they were not trying.

"Come on give me that disgusted face girls pull," I'd say and I made the face (you know the ones the girls make like you are the lowest form of life on the planet). This got them laughing even more.

I'd give them a few more tries and then...

"Look, you tried, that's the main thing. And for being such a good sport I'll let you pick the next girl or girls I am going to harass."

They never wanted me to go but I always like leaving on a high and possibly coming back later.

Now lots of other girls were looking over at us to find out what was so funny, and then I asked the girl or girls to point out the next victim. When I did I pointed right at the next girl and quite loudly said "Her? That one over there? You sure? Oh well, ok."

I would continue until I made eye contact with that next girl and she could see me pointing over at her. (Damn it was funny watching them squirm at this point.) As soon as she noticed me I would then without saying bye instantly walk over to the girl with a big grin on my face. And then go through the same routine but mix it up a little, improvise, etc.

When I stopped doing this later in the night, I went back to my friends feeling 50 feet tall. I then had as much fun dancing and drinking for the rest of the night as I have had in a long time.

I got looks from all the girls I had approached for the rest of the night. When we made eye contact I would just grin at them and they would start laughing. A couple I really liked I went back up to later in the night and got their numbers.

It was quite funny. Some of the girls asked me what if I found a great girl tonight and making it obvious that they were that great girl. Some asked where I was going on the weekend and wanted to know if I could meet up with them.

Ok that's about it. I have quite a few goofy approaches like this I have used. The more fun I have the more successful I am. All I can say is use your imagination, have fun, and improvise.