Why Touch Is Your Most Powerful Seduction Tool With Women

by Mr. Fingers

Beyond the realm of seduction, kino (touch) plays a crucial role in any social interaction.

We all crave touch from the moment we are born. Think of when a baby comes into the world, screaming and hollering. The only thing that shuts him up is when the doc hands him over to mama and he gets his first taste of kino and is like "Ahhhh, Heaven!"

To really understand kino and what it can do for you requires a lot of self-examination. Seriously, how much kino do you get from the people who are close to you? What are your attitudes and boundaries in regards to kino?

Personally, I come from a fairly warm environment by American standards, but absolutely frigid by Latino standards. Visit any town in Spain or Italy and you will see a huge difference in kino levels.

Dudes be walkin' down the street arm in arm, giving each other kisses on the cheek and it is totally not a gay thing. I have pictures of my trip to Rome and in almost every flick, my friends are piled on top of each other in a tangled mess of affection.

These people are actually quite lucky. Kino is so second-nature to them, they don't have to break out of any social mold like many of us do.

However... for those of you who only get hugs from your mom and sis, it is time to gently expand your kino to include those around you (yes, even your guy friends).

Start to pay attention to how (if at all) you touch your friends and family. Grab someone's arm gently when you want to make an important statement. If someone is sad, or tired, or stressed, rub their upper back in light circles and give their shoulder a squeeze.

I believe that deep down, everyone is starving for real human contact, and I have personally never had anyone tell me to stop touching them.

Once you get comfortable with your tactile communication, you will want to start touching some ladies.

When meeting a girl for the first time, start up the kino as soon as possible. Make a few jokes, charm her with your irresistible wit, and touch her upper arm gently. PAY ATTENTION to how she responds!

If you are getting green lights (smiles, she kinos you back, plays with her hair, tilts her head) then escalate the kino SLOWLY by removing your hand, waiting for another high point in the convo and then touch her at the waist.

If you are getting red lights (she gives that "what do you think you're doing" look, she backs away, or breaks eye contact) then back off and make her miss your touch for a while. Even if her backing off upsets you, don't let her know it! Be cool man — show her that nothing affects you.

And quit trying to be so damn perfect. This whole process is a dance, so don't be afraid to trip every once in a while.

Of all the tools a guy has, kino is by far THE most powerful.

I once used kino experiments to hook up with a "Let's Just Be Friends" case!

I had given up on the romantic interest for years and was content to be buddies cuz she was actually way cool. Then I discovered this site, read up on the power of kino, and I decided to run some experiments on her.

She already knew I was inexperienced with women so she didn't find it strange when I would ask for a female perspective on things. One day I asked her to critique my hugs. I would hug her from different angles with different intensities and get her feedback.

Hugs turned into cuddles, cuddles to kisses, etc.

It is amazing how much more you can communicate with just one touch, than even hours of talking.

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