How I Got 6 Phone Numbers From Girls In 5 Minutes

by BigBill

Today in class I got 6 phone numbers of pretty girls.

It was funny too because we are broken into lab groups, and me and two other guys are in one group, then there is like 4 or 5 groups of chicks.

I've been flirting lightly with the girls in 2 of the groups and some of them had started coming over to 'ask for help' from my group. I think they were just trying to see if we'd fall all over them.

My groupmates didn't let me down though. We all played it cool, and since all of us happen to be really good at math, we came off looking great.

So as we were finishing our lab 30 minutes early, and the rest of the class was struggling along, one of the guys says, "We should exchange numbers so we can help each other with the homework."

I said, "Screw that! We ought to get some of these chicks' phone numbers." They both liked the idea, so I said, "Write your numbers here in the front of my book."

They did, and I went up to the group of 7-8's next to us, handed one girl my pen and book, smiled and said, "Numbers please."

Two of them wrote down their numbers right away. The third gave me a sly little look and said, "Hey, you just want to get girls' numbers don't you?" I said, "Yep" and started to take my book back, and she goes "Wait" and quickly wrote down her number.

Then I walked up to the group of 8-9's in the front of class and said, "Ladies, in the interest of free exchange of information between classmates..." and presented them my book, again with a big mischievous smile.

The prettiest one, who has been acting the most flirty with us goes, "Hmmm... Do you just want our numbers because we're girls?" And I said "Of course not. I want them because you're PRETTY girls!" They all gave the numbers.

Maybe anything comes of that, maybe not. But damn, I actually asked 2 groups of girls for their numbers, flat out told them that my interest in their numbers had very little to do with the class, and picked up a couple of good wingmen in the deal.

It all comes from the confidence I got by making myself get over my shyness and approach women. Those guys and girls in that class think I'm some sort of major pimp with huge balls of steel and no fear of women.

Two months ago they would have been soooo wrong.

Lately, maybe they aren't.