How to Call a Woman on the Phone... and Get a Date

by NeverFear

OK, so she gave you her phone number, even though you just met. So far, so good. This shows you passed TWO of her tests. Masculine courage, and a minimum acceptability of personality and appearance.

But now, you've got to pass a harder test. You have to CREATE INTEREST solely through STYLE. This is the harder test. Trust me, you have NOTHING but your own wits on the impersonal telephone.

To backtrack, I know that a lot of you guys believe in keeping the first call to a bare minimum to retain an air of mystery, control, and non-availability, but I'm gonna disagree. I shoot for TEN minutes of convo and then a planned date.

See, this girl is still probably unsure if she's going to chase you. See, so far by getting the number, and calling, YOU'RE CHASING HER. If that continues, she will have little interest.

Here are a few tips I've learned (sometimes the hard way):

1. Be deliberate at first. Remember, you're a PROFESSIONAL guy and you're capable of sounding highly articulate and purposeful.

"Hey, Ashley. This is John... you gave me your phone number at the Gap?" Remember, you're articulate, forceful yet casual, and have a deliberate destination in mind. Chicks love this.

2. I'd go RIGHT INTO some cocky and funny at this point, after she says the obligatory response.

"I just called to see what you bought me?" or "When are you taking me out to dinner?" Anything appropriate and light.

3. After the preliminaries you want to do TWO things. Establish a rapport of similarity (you both like country music, you both play tennis, you both love Labradors). Then you want to have a DELIBERATE plan in mind that she can COME ALONG with.

"I'm a regular at the Java Hut on the west end highway. Let's get together there in the NEXT FEW DAYS and discuss the meaning of the universe, or something more complex."

See, I like to use THAT line a lot with casual acquaintances because it WORKS FOR ME. "The meaning of the universe" is a cool line because it shows you're both DEEP, and WACKY at the same time... two things women like a lot.

4. Finally, a few helpful pointers:

  • DON'T call a woman after an anguished silence of time in your schedule. Call her RIGHT AFTER another phone call with a pal that you're YOURSELF with... funny and light. It'll be REALLY easy to slip into the cocky and funny.
  • I like to call between 9pm and 10:30pm. She'll be HOME and getting ready for sleep. There's nothing more desperate than a LOT of phone calls trying to track her down. If she's not home at 10 the first night, call her at 11 the next.
  • DO call her from your car on your way somewhere. Remember, you're not sitting home alone.
  • Before hanging up, be funny ONE more time. I like to use this line a lot: "See you at Java Joe's. I'll be wearing my green tuxedo" or anything else goofy, "I'll have on bowling shoes."

Remember, practice makes perfect.