Why You Need to Get Women Feeling Emotions on Your Dates

by ShawnStJames

On your last date, what EMOTION did you create?

I'm a seriously intellectual kinda guy, and I have to be careful to remember that women are more EMOTIONAL.

I have ended dates with the knowledge that the only emotion she felt was THINKING.

So here's my question: What emotion did you create on your last date?

A few possibilities...

  1. Fun — she just plain had fun at the movie and I was easy to be around.
  2. Laughter — after a long week, can you make her laugh?
  3. Unexpected — were you predictable or did you surprise her with something she's never been exposed to (such as IMAX, a fondue restaurant, etc.)?
  4. Challenge — did you establish right away that women do not control you with their manipulations?
  5. Style — did you look slightly different than other guys?
  6. Intrigue — this is where she learns something dramatic about you (you're thinking about joining the FBI) but you only divulge a small amount.
  7. Mental Stimulation — you show that you can think deeply but then switch to something less intense.
  8. Direction — where are you headed and does that sound exciting to her?

Good luck!

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