What to Do When She Doesn't Show and Stands You Up

by Mellow Mel

Sometimes, girls stand you up on the first date deliberately, just to see how you're going to react.

They are looking to see if you are a hot head, which would be a bad sign because it makes you look too controlling or nitpicky.

Or they want to see if you act like it never happened and just move on to the next girl that catches your attention immediately. This would be a sign to them that you really didn't take them seriously in the first place and that you're the type that just dates nonchalantly, giving every girl you encounter the same attention.

Or they want to see if you're a whiner/pouter/crybaby, which is a sign of both insecurity and immaturity.

The best thing you can do after being stood up on a first date is to approach them in a relaxed manner with a smile and say "Hey, we missed each other last night, did something go wrong?" Then, listen to their explanation and try to sound understanding.

Then, say, "Well, hey, I understand. If you're still interested, I really would like to try it again when we get the chance. You still have my phone number, right?"

By doing this, you neither sound like a hot head, uninterested, or like a whiner/pouter/crybaby, which might be just what she was trying to find out.