When She Doesn't Like You

by Anonymous

I have enjoyed so much our new building of a wonderful relationship, but I am struggling to lead us towards the progression of what could have been fantastic fun.

You block advances of any connection by saying, "No, let's just be friends." By continuing this, I feel you look at me portraying myself as someone who has nothing better to do than hang around with you, who is not that interested in me.

The connection will never go where we want it. And even if by some miracle it did advance to something wonderful, you would be doing — dictating the where, when and how much. You can cut me off at any time. You can and I have to accept it because that is the implied agreement from the start.

You are in complete control — hence, you will never be satisfied with me.

My heart feels as if a bomb has gone off inside leaving me in an emotional turmoil. I sometimes shake so much because I am in love with you.

Nothing I can say will change the way you see me, because in the end, all my entire goal was to make you see how much I have changed. You will not even allow me to do that.

I forgave you within weeks for what you did to me, but wanted you to know that I was willing to give you another chance. You turned me down. Up until Sunday, you were on the edge of a fantastic thing.

You pushed me away.

I was once the frog that turned into the prince over a period. When I did I was the center of your happiness and all things were great. I became over time unattractive to you and no longer appealed to your center. The closer you got to me, the more of my shortcomings and faults you found. I eventually turned into the frog again and lost you.

You don't see me as someone with power or leadership. It's a real shame because I am sincere and honest but I am standing where we both know I am not really wanted. I am taking the hint and moving on.

I would ask you here and now, do you want us to get any better than it is?

But I fear you already say no. I am truly sorry for what has happened, but you consciously told me no in too many ways. I will leave you in peace and relax demonstratively knowing I have tried everything to touch you… how many people do you know made so much effort?

To anyone that gets into this situation, please just walk away however much it hurts.