A Great Job For Meeting Girls

Make Meeting Girls Easy

by Cinephile

To me, a good deal of the game is finding where the women are at.

Whether it be the club, bookstore, or garage sale, you got to be able to find them first before you can unleash the power of your game.

Since most people spend at least 40 hours a week at work, obviously, finding a job where there are lots of ladies only helps.

So let me tell you about what I do...

A Fantastic Place to Meet Girls

I run movie theaters. They are fantastic places to meet women, either on the job or as patrons.

The main reason is obvious in that so many people enter. A busy theater will do 15,000 people in a day. Also, most films are youth oriented so that the majority of the women there are going to be under 30. Finally, people come to the movies to have a good time and are generally in a good mood, so therefore much more receptive to advances.

When I was an usher (a long time ago), it was so easy to start a conversation and get a number. Basically, I would just be friendly and say something lame like "So did you like the movie?" or "What are you going to see?" It was always fun to hit on the girls right in front of their boyfriends.

Being an usher was great job in learning how to talk to people in that simple things like eye contact and tone of voice, make a huge difference in response.

It is even easier with your co workers.

Most theaters have fairly large staffs and a lot of turnover. So there are always new girls to choose from. The male managers are always desperate horndogs so they will hire the hottest girls who apply. (Ah, I love interviewing). Conversations are very easy. Just start with something about work (usually, this place sucks) and then just work your way into something more personal.

While the pay sucks (like most jobs) there are definitely some advantages to working in a movie theater.