A Shocking Way to Become More Successful with Women

by MrSandman & Don-Wan Kenobi

Videotape yourself.

Tape yourself talking, walking, singing, doing housework, playing with the dog, cooking a pizza, whatever.

You won't believe what you see, or don't see.

If you don't like what you see, you can start to change very easily.

If you are really feeling gutsy, hide the camera and videotape yourself talking to a girl.



Tape-record almost anyone's voice, play it back for them, and they'll ask "Do I really sound like that?"

I'm used to hearing my voice on tape, I'm a vocalist, but seeing myself on video is a shock.

"I look, move, gesture, and talk like THAT?"

Sometimes it is difficult to imagine what went wrong or right in a conversation when all of your clues come from the person you're communicating with (and often, they're being very polite). It's difficult to see what you're doing wrong or right unless you can actually SEE what you're doing, or someone (besides her) is there to drop hints.

When I worked in sales, I was told that the closer I came to closing, the more I'd make this face and posture that communicated desperation. My shoulders would hunch, my eyes widen, and my eyebrows raise... I had no idea I was doing this but when I finally saw what I had been told and made the change, I became more successful.

Imagine if you weren't aware that every time a woman gave you attention, you became so nervous and fidgety that you scared her away?

You might go through life thinking that women didn't like you because you were too fat, ugly, or unintelligent. And while all of those things could be true about you, the reason behind your constant rejections would remain an enigma until someone clued you in OR you had an opportunity to witness it yourself.

Don-Wan Kenobi

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