How to Approach a Girl and Get Her Phone Number

by There_Is_No_Spoon

The problem most guys have is approaching a girl. That's the hard part.

The best way I've found is to ASK A QUESTION.

For example:

  • Do you know when the bus is supposed to come?
  • Excuse me, but do you know what time it is?
  • Hey, you're a junior, right?

All of these questions are simple, so they do not create an awkward situation, do not create confusion, and most of all are great builders for conversation.

Of course, these questions are worthless if you don't know how to make a conversation out of them, or at least a new connection.

So after you ask the question, either:

  • Ask her name
  • Start up a simple conversation and then ask her name
  • The most effective — compliment her, ask her name, and then start up a conversation.

The reason why this works so well, is:

  1. you have started it off with a question — walking up to a girl and saying something random or even a compliment may make her fell awkward
  2. then complimented her — girls love it; she knows that you've noticed her
  3. asked her name (and given yours) — so you seem like you're not a stranger
  4. and then started up a conversation — which makes her think about you because you are in contact for awhile.

The final step is closing.

The best way to close is the "I've gotta go, but I'd like to see your again. Could I get your number?"

The whole thing might go like this:

YOU: Excuse me but do you know what time it is?

HER: Oh, yeah, it's 1:10

YOU: Thanks. Oh wow, that's a great necklace!

HER: Thank you so much, I got it on Main Street.

(Now you can strike up a conversation — good topics are weather, famous people, news headlines, and the such.)

YOU: Well, I've got to be going, (leave no longer than 15 mins after you started talking to her), but I'd like you talk to you again. Could I get your phone number?