Are You After Love? Or Just Sex?

What Do You Really Want From Women?

by Nine Breaker

One thing any guy should be honest to himself about is his REAL motivation for engaging in the pursuit of women.

Whatever the case, whether it be for a bit of fun or for something serious and long-term, any real man has to at least be honest to himself about what he's really after.

Sounds simple, but it will involve serious decision-making at one stage in the future.

For example, if you're looking for a bit of one-night-stand action (or a lot of it!), you'll have to be prepared to break the news to any woman who might seek to take things further with you — and chances are (if you're good) this could be a frequent event. There is nothing worse than finding yourself trapped in a relationship when all you wanted was to "play the field".

Conversely, if you're looking for love and the rest of that "serious stuff", then don't be surprised if you find a woman who might fit your personal preferences, but only wants a one night stand herself.

It's no secret that women love sex just as much as guys do — despite what they might tell you to avoid being labeled as "easy". It happens, and it happens quite frequently to guys too blinded by their lust for true love to see what is really there in front of them.