Attracting Women Is Like Selling a House

by Giovanni Casanova

About a year ago, I found myself dabbling in real estate investment.

It's certainly not for the timid, and it turned out to be more trouble than I personally felt it was worth. But it did provide me with some interesting experience and a few lessons about life. Some of these lessons can be applied to dating women.

One of those lessons seems pretty obvious when it comes to real estate:

Fix up your house before you put it on the market.

If the house has bad plumbing, or bad electrical work, or whatever, it will likely drive your asking price down lower than what it would cost to fix the problem in the first place. And the cost of remodeling or redecorating is often lower than the amount that it raises your house in value.

The same applies with women.

You can put yourself out on the market right now. You might be perfectly marketable "as is." But think about what would happen if you redecorated yourself (worked out, got a new clothing style, got a new hairstyle).

Add to that the added value of updating the existing infrastructure (learn to play an instrument, stay up on current events, develop your sense of humor, read).

Now you're even MORE marketable, and you're going to attract a higher class of "buyer."

The amount of "value" you add to yourself is going to be a lot more than the "cost" of improving yourself. It's going to make you more desirable and more valuable.

So make the improvements. THEN put yourself on the market, and watch them fight over you.

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