Become Awesome with Women — In Just 3 Months!

by Swigue

Month One — Goals

Take an inventory of all of your weak points. Be Ruthless. Write it all down.

Then picture how you want to appear. Maybe it's more confident or smarter or tougher. Whatever. Again, write it down.

Next set realistic goals as to how you are going to make those improvements over the next four weeks. Maybe talking to one girl a week, or going to the gym three times a week or whatever.

Every morning when you wake up review this list and think about what you are going to do that day to work towards these goals.

However, do not focus on any one woman at this time. You are not trying to date at all here. This is time for you to improve. Be Selfish!

Month Two — Interests

First of all look at your progress. You probably didn't meet all your goals. Step up the ones you did and reaffirm those you didn't.

Next thing is to get an interest... that is if you don't have one.

I don't mean anything mundane like computer junk or baseball. Get an interest that people will identify you by. "That guy who welds sculptures," "the bowhunter," "the triathlete," whatever.

This is important for a multitude of reasons but mostly b/c:

  1. It shows you are passionate about something (why do you think women love musicians even if they're ugly?)
  2. It makes you stand out as someone who does his own thing, is confident and makes his own life interesting (i.e. you'd do the same to hers).

Still do not focus on any one woman. Keep it to research and practice.

Month Three — Friends

Evaluate your progress and up your goals again.

Next try to talk to any and all women. See if you can get to be friends with more women, from class, or work. This might go against common thought, but it actually does a few things for you...

  1. It gives you social proof (another girl is vouching for you).
  2. It expands the network of cool girls you meet with minimal effort.
  3. The friends of your friends turn into dating prospects or friends and it continues exponentially.

Finally, come out of your Cocoon. You'll be happier, healthier and more confident and you'll have become much more attractive w/o worrying about eye contact and pick up lines.

I guarantee that this will work if you really try it for three months.

It took me a lot longer than that and I'm still learning and improving but... it's worth it.