Becoming Friends with Women First

And Then You Deciding What You Want and Where to Take the Relationship

by A Turtle Name Adrian


Friendship is you and her being there for each other. Do for each other no matter what. She trusts you. You trust her. You two are inseparable and have many things in common with each other.

For example, if you're stuck somewhere in the rain in the middle of the night and need her to pick you up, she's there without no doubt.

Let's Just Be Friends

She has NO sexual feelings or interest in you. She finds you boring. She'll use you to kill her boredom, but if she finds something to do she'll drop yo ass like a bad habit.

Sometimes she'll feel guilty, but most of the time she doesn't. She once thought of you sexually but no longer, due to either you not being what she expected, what she thought you were... or you not taking her to the next level and not stimulating her mind. You don't create electricity in her body. She once thought you could.

For example,

YOU: "Would you like to go to a concert with me tonight?"

HER: "Sorry, I already have a date tonight." — she didn't even ask what concert.

The Point

You want to build friendship before anything else. This is started off by finding out about her:

  • her interests
  • her hobbies
  • her career
  • her schooling
  • her likes and dislikes
  • her worries
  • her pains and understanding them
  • her wishes and dreams
  • and the type of man she desires

At the same time tell her a little about yourself. Your mission is to build a bridge between the both of you so you can have the opportunity to share each other's worlds.

The Best Way to Do This

When meeting a girl for the first time that sets your temperature rising, kill those sexual feelings that you have, or at least try. See her as another human being and equal to you and try to make friendship with her.

Don't let her determine if you guys are going to be friends or not because if you do, you're asking for her to call the shots. You're the man! You call the shots.

Once you've developed friendship, ask to HANGOUT.

Not get together but HANGOUT. Innocent stuff.

That's when you let her see what you have to offer without offering it. Be creative without showing off. Share your secrets with her. Show her you trust her and that you're not out to get her in bed.

Let HER make that move. If you have the patience. If you don't, then do whatever you were doing.

Most Importantly

  • Be energetic
  • Be happy
  • Be creative
  • Have fun
  • Be a go-for-it guy
  • Be confident
  • Be expressive
  • Never second guess your decisions
  • Be understanding.

After all these simple steps she should be all yours!