Change Your Clothes, Change Your Life

Learning to Dress Well Can Completely Change Your Life... and the Women Will Notice!

by Chicago#1

When I first came to this site, about a year ago, my burn rate was pretty high — maybe one real date that panned out out of every five women I was interested in and approached. (And only about one out of five of those did I get a second date.)

I am about average in looks, so I have always had to rely on my rapport to succeed, and I've always done barely adequate. However, I never took great care in my appearance; I was clean, but I didn't stand out. In my 20s I could get away with this, but I began to notice diminishing returns as I got older (I'm 32).

One day I thought, "What if every day I looked as though I was going out on a date?"

I decided to try an experiment, even though I knew it would be awkward. I went out and bought some nice clothes.

I am not rich, but I managed to pick out some good things for a reasonable amount of money, not overlooking what can be had at some of the nicer thrift stores. I decided that every pay day I would reward myself and pick out a few things here and there, buy brand new boxers to replace the tighty whities, and really work to change my look.

What a Difference!

It has been a few months, and I am floored at the difference.

Now I am known as someone who dresses well all of the time.

For one, at work, more customers ask if I am the manager, and I get a real kick out of telling them that I am not. I get a completely different reaction from my superiors when I am dealing with them. At least three of my female co-workers have "noticed" me, which has presented a whole new set of "problems".

Once more, I have gone from having to approach women and get their attention to having them initiate conversation about 50% of the time. This kind of thing seems to build on itself, because even though I am asking for less numbers, I am going on more dates.

I socialize in a pretty tight knit community, and so word seems to have gotten around, as now my girl-friends are starting to slyly inquire about my interest in women that are mutual acquaintances (social proof).

All of this, of course, has improved my self-confidence, and that has added an additional dimension. I don't feel like I have to close on every woman I talk to, and I am perfectly happy with just bantering with most of them and getting the occasional number when I know it's a sure bet.

All of this sounds really hokey, doesn't it?

I never would have believed it had I not tried it myself. We do live in a world where we are judged on looks.

If you are the best Don Juan in the world, but you are not looking the best that you can, then you are not as likely to meet and succeed with the person that you will really "click" with.

Think about that.

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