Conquer Your Fear of Rejection with Girls

by Terminator911

Are you having trouble meeting women, starting conversations with them, and getting their numbers?

Have you ever stopped for a minute and asked yourself why you have so much trouble with something that seems to be fairly simple?

Well, maybe you need to identify your enemy, or what exactly is it that is stopping you from doing so? And the answer is more simple than what you might think.

YOU are your enemy.

You are the only one holding yourself back from getting that beautiful girl. You are the root of the problem... but YOU are the one who can actually solve it, too.

What exactly are we afraid of?


Buddy, let me tell you something... you better start getting rejected or you will never come out of that shell.

Get out there, get rejected, and get it over with.

Soon enough you'll be laughing when you get rejected... your first times will be the more painful, but soon enough you will get used to it.

To tell you the truth, I'm tired of being afraid. I'm tired of not having the balls to talk to beautiful women. I'm tired of all the BS. I'm tired of seeing some ugly punk talking to the beautiful girls that I myself would like to talk to.

We have to expose our balls and get rejected. There's no other way around this. If we want to get the girls, we have to risk getting rejected.

We have to understand that not all girls will like us and that there are some bitches out there; but for the most part, girls won't be harsh on you. They're human beings just like us.

This site is the tool, let's go to work.

And let's get something else clear: we have to do the work.

Girls are not going to come to you, unless you are some super good looking dude with tons of money.

And in that case, they'll probably be gold diggers.

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