Create a Clever Opening Line By Using Your Skills of Observation

By Being Observant You Can Start a Successful Conversation with Most Any Woman

by Raoul

I've been working on my cold-pickups lately — picking up chicks outside the conventional social situations such as parties and clubs, and instead working in buses, on trains, while waiting for a bus, in the mall, on the street, etc.

I'm still trying to figure out a technique for stopping a girl while she's walking along her way, but here's something you may use when you're both standing still or sitting down on a bench.

Look at her feet!

Whenever you want to come up with an unconventional opening line, make a comment about her foot jewelry.

For instance, a while back this girl I was standing next to at the bus-stop was wearing a weird-looking trinket on her toe. I bent my head slightly towards her foot as if to get a closer look (don't be cute and bow over, it's just a simple gesture to make her aware of your presence and what you are looking at) and said: "That's an odd design, what's it supposed to be?" as I turned my head up and looked at her.

She smiled and gave me some long story which I do not wish to relate here. However I DID end up with a phone number. The fact is if I had used a conventional method and asked her which bus goes where, it would have been more difficult to lead the convo into getting a number. In this case it went something like:

"That's interesting, where did you get it; where exactly is this shop; tell you what, give me your number, we'll go for a cup of coffee some time, and if we happen upon <weird-metal-trinket-shop> you can show me what else they're selling."

The same can be done with a funky color of nail-polish. I saw a girl with gold sprinkles today. How about anklets? They're in all sorts of patterns nowadays.

The thing is, we men never look below the shins of a woman. We don't care what kind of shoes she's wearing or what trinket she may have on. But by breaking the ice with a different opening line that also shows off your skills of observation, you separate yourself from others. And if worse comes to worse, you can always ask her where she got her shoes so that your "sister" can get a pair.

Try it. Take a quick glance over at a part of her body you usually don't give two hoots about and you may find something that can help break the ice.