Dating Mistakes Women Make

These Apply to Men As Well!

by T Dog

Last Friday night reinforced a lot of the Don Juan principles for me. I got to see first hand WHY we do things the DJ way, and how you look when you don't do things the DJ way.

The Conversation Flowed Like Mud

I joined a volleyball group several months ago as an outlet for meeting new people and finding non-bar/club areas for meeting women.

We meet once a week and the number of available women in or about my age is slim. One of the girls, Carey (29), is attractive, but not my type per se, but she is fun and has an ample chest, which is always a plus, but I digress. We had been flirting for a while but I never closed on a date.

At a game her roommate asked me when I was going to ask Carey out, basically telling me that she does want to date. I said I had planned to ask her out, but I was waiting for the right moment. Other than that, I was DJing Carey and 1 or 2 other girls in the group in the perfect DJ way, a lot of eye contact, a little kino, cocky + funny conversation, and it worked.

Last Tuesday the cat was out of the bag, we both knew we liked each other, I had to ask her out. If I waited for her to talk to me and ask me out, that would have been a weak hand to play (as in poker).

I saw her first, called her over to me, and struck up a conversation with the intent of asking her out. She was a little nervous so I tried to put her at ease and get a little rapport going before I popped the question. The conversation flowed like mud.

Later in the game she got up her nerve and asked me out! I said yes of course. And we set a date for Friday.

All day Thursday I am stressing out over how I was going to juggle her and this girl I had been developing oneitis over (infatuation).

Her Interest Level Is Sky High

Friday came and I had not heard from oneitis girl, which troubled me deeply, and I was not as excited about my date with Carey as I should have been. I knew Carey wasn't my type, but she is a fun girl and I figured we would have a really good time regardless of how I felt about her.

One of My Biggest Pet-Peeves Is a Girl Who Calls Too Much.

I expected one call from Carey about when her Volleyball game was to end and when we were to meet up for a drink before the Comedy Show. She called and left a message and then asked me to return her call so that she knew I got the message. That was Call No. 1.

Then she called back saying the game was rescheduled to a later time and that she would meet me at the show - Call No. 2.

I got another call - Call No. 3 - informing me she would be 15 minutes late.

Now I can tell several things about this girl already. One, it's been awhile since she went out on a date. Two, her interest level is sky high. And three, her confidence is low.

Call No. 4 was to tell me that she was there, on time, and was wondering where I was. I was right around the block parking.

And Call No. 5 was, I don't know, I didn't answer Call No. 5.

Give Me a Kiss

At the show she is beaming with excitement. I went to get us a drink. I sat down and she immediately wants to hold hands.

Now, DJs, I hope you are seeing this as how to not act desperate on a date. I am sure she thought she was doing everything right, but it screamed desperation, and I was totally turned off.

If you read thru the DJ Bible you will know how to act on a date and radiate confidence. While she is doing all the wrong things, I am having flashbacks to dates where I did the same stupid things.

I felt awkward, uncomfortable, and it just wasn't appropriate behavior for a first date.

The show began and we were all having a good time when Carey decided it was time for a kiss. She didn't get my attention and look deep into my eyes and then move in for the kill, which she should have done, only much later in the evening. But instead, she blurted it out: "Give me a kiss!"

Too forward, bad timing, and not at all in regards to being a challenge.

As I said, she was nervous, but she must have been REALLY nervous because within one hour of our date she was $hitfaced drunk. Not a good first impression.

After the show I steered us to a pizza shop where we got some food, which was all to sober up Carey and then went dancing.

How Did We Do?

Luckily this date didn't get dragged into the wee hours of the morning. As I dropped Carey off at her car, she asked the thing that no DJ should ever ask: "How did we do?"

Well, I did great, you on the other hand, called too much, got drunk, and came off as desperate.

Guys, never ask that question.

On Saturday I called the oneitis girl and got the "Hey, I'm on the other line with my Mom, can I call you back?" That relationship is dead and Carey is no longer a prospect either.

On Thursday I was worried about how I would juggle the two girls. Now I'm wondering when it will be when I have ANY girls to call. It's time to start at Stage One and acquire digits off of some new prospects.

I hope you guys got as much insight out of this date as I did.