Dating Multiple Girls at the Same Time

by PoachR75

Double-Book your dates or meetings with women.

If you have two or three females that you may link up with for a particular event or activity, do what doctors and dentists do... Double-Book.

That's right. PURPOSEFULLY schedule more than one girl for the same day.

If it comes down to the day before and you have received no bailouts or cancellations, you call one of the women and cancel for urgent personal reasons — but do not give details. Simply be sincere and state that you will get together again very soon.

Double-Booking is conceptually sound for a number of reasons:

  1. You interact with more women for more time — you work the game and practice your convo more than normal.
  2. For the day or activity in question, you greatly decrease the risk of being left without company at the last minute.
  3. One of the main tenets of Don Juanism is to cancel dates every so often, so as to appear very busy and give a greater impression that your time is very valuable. Women are attracted to this.
  4. It helps you to maintain a "roster" of potentials that you interact with on a regular basis.

I know that it sounds strange, but I believe that this is a good idea every so often. A Don Juan is not afraid of losing any particular girl for any reason, and you'll find that canceling a date makes a girl MORE interested — NOT LESS.

I've been studying the DJ system for almost a year now and I'm having a great deal of results.

Believe in the system... and have faith because this stuff works.