Do Not Call Her Every Day!

Are You Calling Girls Too Much?

by sxygrl

I think you should definitely open doors and pull out chairs but flowers on a first date is a little much.

The last man I fell in love with brought me a small box of Godiva chocolates on our first date — it definitely worked with me.

As far as how much to call.... whatever you do, DO NOT CALL EVERY DAY. And please, please for the love of god, if you do decide to call every day make sure the girl doesn't have caller id.

I was in a situation where I was interested in a guy and was definitely going to go out with him but then he started calling 10 times a day (no lie). And he didn't leave messages — which leads me to believe that some men have no idea that there is such thing as caller id!

I was so turned off that I never talked to him again.

So, I would recommend: twice a week at the most... and ALWAYS leave a message when u do call!