Do Women Have All the Power In Dating?

by Señor Fingers

People only have as much power over you as you give them.

Of course, there are women who use their beauty to manipulate, but what does this have to do with YOU?

Seduction is not a war against women. It really is more of a dance than a competition. If there is any struggle involved, it is a battle for empowerment within YOURSELF. Treating women like the enemy whose defenses you must destroy will not get you very far.

Instead of thinking of this as a battle for power and dominance, think of it as an opportunity to display your great personality and confidence in order to genuinely connect with another human being. Oftentimes, the straightforward approach is best.

Having said that, personally I have not had much luck just walking up to girls and simply asking them out (unless there are some serious signals, eye contact, etc.). Usually, I give them a reason (aside from my good looks) to WANT to go out with me.

This means being comfortable in my own skin, making entertaining conversation, and after displaying that I am a fun and interesting person, I go precisely after what I want (be it the digits or an InstaDate).

At the end of the day this is a GIRL we are talking about here, not a trained soldier you must defeat.

Instead of giving women all the power, your attitude should be...

"Yeah, you are cute, but what else you got going for ya?"

In fact, the whole purpose of you asking her out is to screen her to see if she is worthy of YOU. Not the other way around.

So often we screw up by becoming starstruck and impressed by the fact that a girl was born with good genes. Once again, we give our power away — this time to the random couplings of chromosomes!