Do You Get Nervous Around Girls?

A Simple Way to Kill Those Butterflies In Your Stomach

by Nine Breaker

Feeling nervous around girls is a real pain. Yet it is something that can happen to the best of us when we least suspect it.

I'm sure you all know the feelings I'm referring to here — you get butterflies in your stomach, you suddenly feel lethargic, the initiative you had flowing just a few minutes ago seems to dry up, and your mind starts racing ahead and over-analyzing the situation.

Damn, huh?

The "butterflies" in your stomach is actually a reduction in blood flow caused by the bizarre link between your body and mind. In order to beat those butterflies into submission, all you really need to do is get the blood back to your stomach.

This is simpler than it sounds.

When you eat/drink, your stomach is called into action to process the contents into something your body can use. Your stomach uses more blood to accomplish this. Simply put, if you are feeling nervous, you can quite easily beat those feelings by having a quick drink or a snack.

Also, chewing gum can have the same effect, although doing this too much might be risky — as your stomach makes more acid to break down food that isn't there.

That should solve the physical problems of nervousness, but as for the thoughts racing in your head — it's up to you and you alone to keep your objectivity!