Dress to Impress Women — Without Spending a Fortune

by JPFromTally

If you expect to dress well and get girls you're sadly mistaken.

If you expect to dress well to feel more confident, which in turn gets girls, then you have a shot.

However, budget and taste are two separate things. That's why I have come up with:

JP's Alternative Guide to Looking Good

Yes, yes... JP was once a poor college student too. My wardrobe is improving as I save more money from my better job. However, here are some tips for getting the look without the cash.

  • Kenneth Cole Black Leather Jacket (a must this winter) = INC from Macy's, or Old Navy leather jacket is pretty nice for @$150.
  • Cole Haan/Kenneth Cole leather shoes with at least 1.25 inch heel on back = Robert Wayne/GBX/Tommy. @50-90.
  • Coach Belt = Nautica belts @20.
  • Banana Republic stretch shirts = Gap stretch, usually cheaper.
  • Banana Republic v-neck merona wool sweater = Believe it or not, Target has some nice sweaters that look identical. May not be same quality but hey...
  • Ralph Lauren ribbed turtleneck = Old Navy ribbed turtleneck $22.
  • Guess or Fossil tank watch.
  • If you can't afford $80 for Emporio Armani cologne then go for Gap Blue. For some reason girls like this even though it's cheap. You might disagree but that's what a bunch of girls I know told me.
  • And for goodness sakes man... get rid of those white tube socks and get yourself some decent Timberland socks or something.