Exclusive and Non-Exclusive Relationships

What Do You Want?

by Krynnster

Exclusivity in a relationship is something two people should discuss and agree upon. It is VERY common to have non-exclusive relationships and there's nothing wrong with that.

The question is: can you handle it?

I can tell you that I can't.

I tried it before and it failed. I've made some "personality adjustments" and tried again. It failed again. Then I simply decided it wasn't for me and I don't do it any more. When I get serious with a girl, I let her know that I want exclusivity. Those are MY terms.

She may accept them or she may not. If she doesn't, it will be over. I will be very sorry, sometimes even devastated, but at least I will know I didn't get myself into a situation I couldn't handle.

The point of all this is that you have to set yourself some red lines that you should never cross. I'm not telling what they are, I'm just telling you that you MUST have some. That's how you protect yourself.

One day, a woman will come along that will be eager to share your point of view and accept your terms. I promise.