Flirting with Girls Is Fun

Let's Start Having Some Fun with Girls

by Mellow Mel

Flirting is very fun. The reason why I think flirting is fun is because of the rush that you get from actually saying what's on your mind instead of just thinking it.

Every day, billions of people, the majority of people you see as you go about your daily business, both men and women, walk around the earth with the most perverted, sickest, most twisted, sexual thoughts on their minds. And as they do, they physically and sexually size up every single member of the opposites sex (if they are heterosexual) who they encounter.

The only difference between a person who flirts, and one who doesn't flirt, is that the person who flirts has made a deal with himself to allow himself to say to other people, in limited or unlimited degree, whatever thoughts come to mind.

Once you have crossed that line, and allow yourself to do that, it gets easier and easier.

You can start by making a goal for yourself.

  • What is the most provocative, sexy, crazy, perverted or aggressive thing that comes to your mind when you see someone that you would like to let them know?
  • What is the most acceptable way that you can say this to someone without exceeding the limit on how much embarrassment you are willing to accept if your comment is met with a negative reaction?
  • Who do you want to say it too?

Now, make the leap of faith and just go up to them and say it. Don't worry about what kind of reaction you are going to get from them, just say it. You will have your reward.

The first reward is the adrenaline rush, the confidence, the freedom release of allowing yourself to do this.

The second reward is that it gets easier each time you do it.

Finally, the third reward is that a varying degree of your responses are going to be met with the same level of response from the person you're talking to or at least some positive interest from them.

I know it sounds fun, and it is. Try it and see what I'm talking about.