More Insecure Than They Let On

by Disciple

What you need to do is stop focusing on looks. Looks are overrated. I know. Let me tell you, I am a very handsome man who is frequently complimented on my looks. I also have the body too (I'm 6 feet two inches and and very well built). I've always been smart in and out of school and while my pockets aren't loaded with money, I'm not broke either.

Now you would think that with all these assets I should have to carry a shotgun just to back chicks up off me. I've approached a girl and kicked game and my game was tight, my gear was tight, and I was looking my best. She would front on me and let some less attractive guy kick it to her and he'd get the digits. So Saturday night, he was gettin laid and I was with my friends playing Playstation.

The point is that looks are just not as important nowadays. I've seen some unattractive guys snag some bad ass b*****s and I'm like, "What the f**k?" Some girls don't want a guy with too much going on because deep down they are a lot more insecure than they try to let on. A lot of girls would rather kick it to some guy that didn't have as much to offer because if she loses him, it won't hurt as much. But if a guy like me dumps her or something, she feels all hurt and heartbroken and they don't want that.

Plus they like guys that are a challenge to them (its really about control). That's why jerks do so well with them. They have nothing to lose from them and there's the challenge of changing them or at least controlling them. The more good looking, smart, or successful you are, the more women will be intimidated by you.

Let me give you a simple piece of advice. The number one thing that attracts women is a man that knows who he is, respects himself, respects others, and is actively pursuing his dreams, no matter what they are. Confidence comes from knowledge - knowledge of self, knowledge of the way this game of life is played, and just knowledge in general. Remember, the more you know, the more dangerous and powerful you become. The more you learn about how the whole dating game is played and the more you come to appreciate and respect your own strengths and assets, the stronger, wiser, and more powerful you become. Women love powerful men.

Keep reading the stuff on this website but make friends with a few girls and just shoot the breeze with them. The best way to learn about women is to ask questions from girls who are only friends (I guarantee they will be more than willing to tell you about how women really think) and to practice the tips you learn from reliable sources like the Don Juan Center. Good luck my friend!!!