You Can't Get Played Unless You Choose to Get Played

by Mellow Mel

Nobody likes to feel like they are getting played. It has to do with your attitude more than anything. I have this attitude that no woman can play me for one simple reason - I don't give a f**k.

I date with the mentality of having as much fun as I can with this woman while I can. If she is real, the fun will last a little longer. If she is fake, I'm still going to have my fun and she will have to live with the fact that I had fun while she was trying to play me.

It's simple. Get as many hugs, kisses, flirts, feels and fun as you can get away with. Make her tell you that you are going to far if that is how she feels. Don't set around guessing whether or not you can get away with hugging up on her, kissing whatever. Just go for it. The way I see it, if she is interested, then it's all good. If she is not interested, what have you lost that you wouldn't have lost anyway by being shy.

In your conversation, get right to the point with the girl. Tell her you like her anatomy (if you do). Ask her when she is going to let you hit it? Tell her, you ARE going to let me hit that aren't you? You would be surprised how positively women respond sometimes to blatant straight forward honest remarks like that. They like the fact that you are bold, cocky, arrogant, confident, etc.

Of course you have to use some good judgment. You can kind of feel how far you can go and what you can say with some women by the vibes they send you. If their vibes are very strong, then you can come strong. If their hints are more subtle, then you should still go for it, but don't put too much on it. The main thing is to remember to have the attitude that-you can't get played unless you choose to get played because you have to actually care about where this relationship is going in order to get played.