5 Types of Guys Who Get Laid

by Disciple

I have found that there are five basic types of guys who pull a lot of chicks. They are as follows:

  1. Status dudes
  2. Money dudes
  3. Player dudes
  4. Funny/jerky dudes
  5. Thugs/bad boys.

If you fit into more than one category, you'll pull even more broads.

I believe the reason all these guys are successful is because they all have unique qualities or characteristics that make ladies take notice.

They Stand Out

Women like status because they like important men — guys that stand above the rest of the pack.

Women like guys with cash not only for the cash but because it sets them apart from all the broke dudes everywhere around them.

Women love players for many reasons — the confidence, charm, but social proof helps also. Social proof basically says to a girl that if all these other chicks want this guy, there must be a reason. So the confidence, smooth conversation, charm, and social proof all set him apart from the scrubs and the mediocre guys.

Women like funny/jerky guys because the confidence they display (they'll talk to anybody and say anything and not give a crap). Also, they're unpredictable, because you never know what they'll say or do next and that brings excitement, mystery, and a little thrill to the game. So that makes them stand out from the pack of nice, sweet, sensitive losers who watch like hungry ass dogs on the sidelines begging for a scrap to fall their way.

Finally, we have the thugs/bad boys. Women love their confidence (even cockiness) and they too are unpredictable. They too will say anything and do anything and not give a damn. They also have the element of danger with them that many women find intoxicating. Women get addicted to men that put them on emotional rollercoaster rides.

What Do All These Guys Have In Common?

They main thing is that they all in one way or another have or do or say stuff that sets them apart from the pack.

In ancient times, women were the most attracted to the guy with the biggest spear, or the best hunter or warrior, or the man who was the leader of tribe or city. Those ancient instincts are still as alive and well in these modern broads as it was in those ancient broads thousands of years ago.

Bottom line, do something, say something, or get something that makes you stand out from the pack and women will take notice. I guarantee it.

Peace and good luck!