Keep Them Guessing

by Disciple

What you have to do is learn to keep them guessing about you the same way women always keep us guessing about them.

Too many of us guys are always trying to read every little sign, every little signal and we react to them like a puppet. If she smiles and touches you, you're happy for a week. Then next week she won't even acknowledge you exist and you're ready to swear off women and become a priest or something.

We gotta stop giving them the power to make us jump whenever they want us to. We need to reverse this and have them always trying to guess about us.

In one of my earlier posts, I said that women are attracted to men who add some mystery and excitement to their lives. They like it when you take them on emotional rollercoaster rides and keep em on the edge of their seats. Simply put: Pay her a lot of attention one day and the next day pay her less.

Don't completely ignore her or come off like you have an attitude or something. Just act like you have other things that are attracting your attention or are more important to you at that time.